This season Joseph serves his viewers by transporting them across the planet to such joseph rosendoexotic destinations as Japan’s little-visited Ogasawara islands, located more then 600 miles from the mainland and comprised of people with American roots, as well as two shows from the mountain kingdom of Bhutan, a country where its most important product is its peoples’ “gross national happiness.” Closer to home Joseph samples the California-style pleasures on hand for travelers to Los Cabos, Mexico and enters into a brave new world of travel in Nicaragua, a country recovered from civil war and ready to thrill visitors with its natural wonders.


The Many Faces of Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is actually two resorts: Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, and San Jose del Cabo, 23 miles north along the coast. Joseph covers both and the sea that binds them – the Sea of Cortez – on his Los Cabos, Mexico adventure.

San Antonio Christmas
San Antonio is a festival town and Christmas is a most festive time of year. Joseph joins the locals and visitors to celebrate the season along San Antonio’s famous River Walk surrounded by songs, decorations and plenty of holiday cheer.

Berlin and Western Poland - Over the Borderline
Beginning in Berlin and ending in Poznan, where the Polish state began, Joseph travels the German – Polish border region and is captivated by the beautiful structures, historic traditions and respected customs.

Under the Shadow of the Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland
Joseph heads to Zermatt to capture Switzerland’s natural majesty at the foot of the country’s most iconic mountain – the Matterhorn. With the glorious monolith ever in view, he hikes, climbs, rides and skis among an alpine landscape that takes the breath away and captures the imagination.

Bhutans Gross National Happiness

Travel is a life-changing experience. While often these changes come when least expected Joseph heads to the Kingdom of Bhutan, a devout Buddhist country, fully aware of the possibilities for enlightenment that Bhutan offers. His trip through the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” begins in Paro with a conversation with an esteemed Buddhist master and an invitation to watch a local thangka (spiritual art) artist at work.

Bhutan - Land of The Thunder Dragon
Joseph’s Bhutan adventure continues as he heads east over 14,000 foot mountain passes to the Phobjikha Valley to witness the graceful antics of the rare and endangered Black-Necked Crane. While the cranes are breathtaking in their elegance and beauty, his overnight stay in a local guest house and unexpected invitation to join villagers constructing their neighbors’ adobe home proves most heart-warming and inspirational.

Bonjour, Montreal
"Bonjour” means good day in French and it is always a good day in the French speaking Canadian province of Québec, especially in the lively cosmopolitan city of Montréal. By taking to Montréal’s streets, neighborhoods, natural places and waterways, Joseph discovers that joie du vivre is not just a French phrase; it’s a way of life in Montréal.

La Joie de Vivre in Quebec City, Canada
Joseph heads to Quebec City, the only walled city north of Mexico, for a lively cultural adventure among the French-speaking Québécois.

Hong Kong - A City of Festivals

Hong Kong may be Asia’s World City, yet its people still cherish their tradition and the richness it brings their lives. In this new Hong Kong episode, Joseph returns for the annual Dragon Boat Festival. He discovers the festival is more than a race as it honors the integrity and devotion of poet, Qu Yuan, who sacrificed himself rather than live in a corrupt world.

Celebrating the Past and Present - Tokyo, Japan
Like every other first time visitor, Tokyo’s idiosyncratic pop culture, flashy neon-lights, garish billboards and hoards of people threatens to overwhelm Joseph’s sensibilities, yet it doesn’t take long for this episode to find its cultural center.

A Land Far, Far Away – The Bonin/Ogasawara Islands
On the Bonin or Ogasawara Islands Joseph is reminded that travel is a treasure hunt. Even though one is told where the riches are buried, the real gems one has to find on their own. On this voyage to Tokyo’s most distant possessions – more than 600 miles and 25 hours by ferry from the mainland – Joseph partakes in kayaking, snorkeling, trekking and whale watching.

Nicaragua – Culturally Rich and Naturally Beautiful
Joseph visits Nicaragua and discovers the untouched beauty of the land and a population ready to embrace travelers. In spite of a history of trials and tribulation, today, Nicaraguans are a people filled with good cheer and gifted with open hearts.

Taiwan Lantern Festival
Joseph, a winner of the 2013 Taiwan Tourism Festival Awards, deepens his understanding of Taiwan and its people by criss-crossing the island during the Taiwan Lantern Festival. A celebration of light, culture and tradition, the festival is a Chinese holiday more than 2,000 years old.

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