Right Plant Right Place

Getting the right plant in the right place can make all the difference.

“Right Plant, Right Place”

Using the right plant in the right place provides a healthy plant with room to grow, while requiring minimum pruning, less fertilizer and few pesticides.

If the plant is poorly suited for a particular spot, your plant will not survive even if you follow the best planting practices.

Here are the Six Essentials to Know About Your Garden:

• Light availability - Is your site sunny or shady?

• Soil Moisture Retention - Will the plant roots be dry or wet?

• Soil Type - Be prepared to amend by adding mulch or compost.

• Zones or Microclimates- Allows you to select plants that should be able to survive the winter.

• Space Plants Appropriately- How large will the plant grow?

• Group Plants with similar needs- This helps to reduce your watering workload.

Once you’ve indentified the six essential conditions of your garden, you’ll be able to locate the right plant for the right place in your yard.