Favorite Gardening Tools

Mark discusses some of his favorite tools to use around the garden.

My Favorite Gardening Tools:

Beautiful plants abound in our garden; we need basic tools to keep your garden healthy and vibrant. These are my favorite tools; I use both at Lakewold Gardens and home to make my job easier.

1) Hand Trowel- This hand shovel is made of stainless steel and has a sharp edge making digging easier.

2) Pruners and scissors – Quality pruners and a good pair of gardening scissors will allow you to clean-up spent flowers, dead leaves or branches.

3) Japanese hand hoe- The long handle and sharp blade allows you to reach and till those hard to reach areas in the garden.

4) Garden knife- When trying to remove roots or divide perennials this tool will allow you to make clean cuts with less effort.

5) Cobra head- As we get older it is great to have a tool that will allow you to weed quickly without having to stoop with each weed pulled.

6) Hand rake and bucket- I can not have enough of these buckets for garden use. The rake allows for quick clean-up and the bucket hauls away the composted material.

I used to be frugal when purchasing tools, I have learned what tools work best for me and are worth every penny spent on them. Make your gardening work easier with the right selection of tools for you.