New Garden Room

What are things you should think of when developing a new garden space?

Landscape Design for a New Garden Room

Designing a new garden room can be over whelming, following basic principals of landscape design can make the process easier. We will look at the newly designed Asian influenced garden room as our example.

A room in your house or the garden both has the same basic architectural parts: floor, walls and a ceiling. Plants are what make up these parts; they provide a graceful, changing quality.

Basic Landscape Design Principals:

1) Land Use- Understand how you want to use the site and the environmental conditions, i.e. sun

2) Scale and balance- Understanding the size of your space, variation in plant height and the placement of specimens to provide a calmness or tranquility

3) Form, Texture and Color- Use the shape of the plants, their texture and color to add interest. The variety and simplicity will balance each other.

4) Emphasis or focal point- When using a path to lead your guest, have a focal point of interest in different section of the garden. One focal point may draw them to the location; another may draw them into the garden room.

Patience is the key to the design of a new garden room. Remember that plants will change over time, by observing these changes; you will experience many rewards from your new garden.