Spring Garden Prep

Get that garden ready for Spring!

Spring Cleanup

Spring is an exciting time for gardeners. Preparations are made in the garden as it awakes from winter hibernation. Before your plants emerge this spring, take the time to clean-up your yard for a healthier and more attractive garden.

Essential Tasks to Prepare a Garden for Spring:

Assess winter damage, Clean and prep flower beds before spring plants emerge. (Clean out leaves and branches and remove dead material.)

Prune deciduous shrubs. (Wait to prune spring blooming plants.)

Cut back perennials and grasses.

Reseed any grass that may have winter kill or damage.

Clean, sharpen and organize tools.

Amend soil by adding compost or mulch if needed.

Provide or build gardening supports for plants that are prone to wind damage.

When the threat of frost has past, it is time to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. I hope these tips will help you focus on the needs of your garden this spring. Take time to relax and appreciate what you have created.