The Winter Garden

Keep color and interest in your garden year 'round.

“The Winter Garden”

Accent your yard with plants that flower, fruit or provide fascinating foliage or bark

during the short, dark days of winter. Because so many plants in the Pacific Northwest

are dormant during the coldest time of the year, those that offer bright colors, great

texture, and sweet fragrances stand out exceptionally against a backdrop of gray winter


Six (Lakewold Gardens) Plants that Provide Winter Magic to Your Garden:

  • Viburnum X bonantense ‘Pink Dawn”- Blooms in late winter with fragrant long lasting, pink flowers on leafless reddish bronze branches.

  • Hellebores – Early blooming woodlawn shade perennial commonly known as the Lenten/Christmas Rose. Flowers in a variety of colors with long lasing sepals.

  • Paperbark Maple – These trees have beautiful bark year round and are often overlooked.

  • Sarcococca (Sweet box) – Provides sweetly fragrant flowers in winter, nice in a high traffic area where fragrance can be enjoyed.

  • Hardy Cyclamen- Dry shade perennial that can bloom most of the winter with a dainty flower and handsome winter foliage.

  • Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) - Unique floral display, fragrant yellow flowers with straplike crumpled petals.

Although winter can be a drab time for gardens, when you add interesting plants that

exhibit exfoliating bark, stem color, berries, fragrance, foliage, texture or flowers, your

garden can provide interest to you and your neighbors that is not available in any other