Lawn Care

Explore some tips on lawn care in the northwest.

Natural Lawn in the Pacific Northwest

Keeping a natural lawn in the Pacific Northwest will provide the least amount of impact on the environment without much of a challenge. If you follow these six steps, you are on the way to a healthier lawn.

Six Steps to Natural Lawn Maintenance

• Mow high, roughly two inches for most lawns (half for bentgrass) and mow frequently

• Leave clippings in place (they provide fertilizer)

• Fertilize around Memorial Day (May) using a natural organic and then around Labor Day (September) using a slow release fertilizer without weed or insect control for a medium green coloration.

• Water deeply to moisten the roots (about 1” per week,) then let dry out before watering again

• Improve failing lawns with aeration for compact soil, overseeding and/or add about a quarter inch of compost on top of the lawn.

• Use a pesticide as a last resort. Pesticides like “weed and feed” may harm our health and our waterways

With little modification to your lawn maintenance routine, you can make a positive change to your lawn, community and the planet. You might even save some money while doing so.