Maple Trees

Take a look at the varieties of maple trees.

How to Select a Maple

At Lakewold we have hundreds of maple trees growing in the garden. I can’t think of a better place to observe a mature maple specimen. When selecting a maple for your own yard you should consider five points.

1) Cold hardy/ Zone- Most maple are fine in zones 6-9 but remember to select a zone or two hardier if you plan to plant in a container. (Most of us are zone 7-8)

2) Mature Size - Japanese maples can be trimmed once or twice a year, but if you are not pruning remember to consider height and width

3) Sun or shade- Generally speaking the light the leaf, the greater need for shade

4) Type of leaf- Leaf lobes can be moderate to deeply divided leaf and the leaf color can be different during the changing seasons.

Dissectum- these are represented with lace leaf, weeping and deeply dissected into the sub-lobes.

Palmatum- Small tree of Japan and Korea with two-thirds to three-quarters cut into the leaf base.

5) Seasonal interest- Now that we know about leaf shape but don’t forget to check out bark color and/or design,

Your mature tree will develop character and become a focal point in your garden. Select the features that you find most interesting before making an investment that will be appreciated for years to come.

Examples at Lakewold Gardens:

Paperbark- Acer griseum

Sango kaku (coral bark) -Acer palmatum

Shin deshojo –Acer palmatum


Trompenburg (potted)–Acer palmatum

Ukigumo (to be potted)–Acer palmatum