Dividing Perennials

Mark discusses dividing perennials.

Simple Steps to Dividing Perennials

Dividing perennials is rewarding for both the plant and the gardener. Perennials like to be divided every two to four years. So what’s the result? You get more individual plants and the original perennial is rejuvenated.

Here are the basics for Dividing Perennial Plants:

  • With a shovel or spading fork loosen the soil with a shovel under the roots and lift the clump.

  • Gently remove excess soil from the root ball. Divide the clump into two or more sections, using a sharp object.

  • Pull divisions (individual plants) with foliage and roots attached. Divide into a small group or individuals.

  • Replenish the soil with compost, plant the new clump, and water immediately

Division timing is important. Spring flowering should be divided in the fall. Summer and fall flowering should be divided in the spring. There is nothing like a “free” plant to fill-in a space in your garden or to give to a neighbor.