Essential Tools

Mark discusses the essential tools for working in the garden.

Essential Gardening Tools:

There are few activities as relaxing and fulfilling as gardening and having quality gardening tools will enhance the experience. If you are new to the field of gardening or would like to get started, it can be overwhelming to select quality essential tools for the hobby. A daunting array of different tolls, all claiming to be essential await you at your local gardening store.

• Gardening Spade and Shovel - digs holes to transplant vegetables and flowers and the shovel moves soil quickly, dig large holes

• Hand Held Cultivator - the thin blade is great for light weeding, chopping and digging

• Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart - let the cart do the work and save your back

• Pruning Sheers - different sizes may be needed when working with plants, shrubs or trees

• Gloves and kneepads - will save both you hands and knees

Things to Consider When You Are Ready to Buy Garden Tools:

How does the garden tool feel in my hand?

How will it feel in a few hours?

Is the tool the right size for the job?

Now purchase yourself some good quality tools, a nice pair of gloves and pair of kneepads. If you purchase high quality tools, you should get years of enjoyment from your essential garden tools.