Your PBS Station

In America’s line-up of 200+ television channels, there is a place that’s quiet, calm, thoughtful and non-commercial. Public television. Here is a place where you can think, ponder and explore – complete with all of the laughs, smiles, tears and surprises of great television programs.

This is the place where generations of parents have entrusted their children’s viewing. The place where generations of kids have learned to read, write and socialize within the safe boundaries of Sesame Street, Mister Rogers Neighborhood and scores of other, award-winning children’s shows.

This is the place where music and dance performances from around the world have enthralled. Nature and science have captivated. News and public affairs have enlightened. And commercial interruptions are conspicuously absent.

This is the place where our world, with all of its triumphs and tragedies, comes into view and review. Come along and explore with us.

Our Mission

KBTC public television enriches lives through programs and services that entertain, educate, inspire and are locally relevant. Our programs reflect the diverse values and perspectives of Western Washington communities.

Our Vision

KBTC public television is an active member of the community – spreading awareness, celebrating diversity and illuminating the paths of social discourse and growth. We engage, entertain and inform our viewers as citizens, not as consumers.

Our Values

We are dedicated to lifelong learning. From the innocence of youth to the wisdom of age, our programs and community partnerships invite each person to explore the diversity of the arts, sciences, literature and humanities. We seek for clarity of all points of view, maintaining traditional journalistic integrity and thoughtful debate.