KBTC Production Intern

KBTC Production Intern

Salary: Unpaid

Purpose: To provide students with hands-on work experience in story conception, research, development, and production.

Department Description: The KBTC Production Department is an Emmy Award winning team that, along with long-form and short-term projects, produces a weekly community affairs show and special project documentaries.

Intern Duties and Responsibilities (informed by student need and interest):

Research content, photos, and archive footage

Assist in field shoots as needed and available

Assist in writing and editing episodes and promos

Log and transcribe tapes of interviews and b-roll

Develop an understanding of copyright issues, how to obtain clearance, and the basics of fair use law

Assist in setting-up and conducting interviews

Operate studio and field production equipment

Other duties as assigned


Must currently be enrolled in an educational degree or certificate program and be a minimum of 16 years old.

Proficiency in conducting internet research required

Must exhibit attention to detail, excellent organization, and communication skills

Must be able to multitask and prioritize tasks sufficiently while working independently

Interest in television production or related field required

Producing/content internships require a commitment of at least 16 hours per week for a minimum of 12 weeks. Technical production internships require a minimum of 8 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Preferred Skills:

Knowledge of Mac Computers, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, and the Adobe Production Suite

Special Training:

Technical production interns are required to attend a special 90-minute training session in the KBTC studio. KBTC production personnel will acquaint the interns with the station’s high definition equipment, operational requirements and the various positions available during productions. These training sessions will be scheduled near the beginning of each semester and so as not to interfere with class instruction.

Intern Schedules:

Intern schedules and work projects can be singular or a mix of KBTC projects as designed by the intern and the KBTC production team. The goal of the internship is to give each intern the hands-on experience desired to meet individual education and career goals.

Production Activities:

Interns will work with industry professionals on the following KBTC Public Television productions:

Intern opportunities:

Assist with content development, topical research and data

Assist with pre-production preparation including interviews, stock footage and photographs, B-roll

Assist with field production including camera, lighting, audio and technical set-up.

Assist with copyright and release issues.

Assist with post-production including script writing, video logging, editing, narration, etc.

Participate in live television production - camera operation, teleprompter, graphics, studio audio, floor direction (as needed), etc.

Assist with topic and content preparation, research and data

Assist with guest invitations, pre-interviews, scheduling and reception

Intern work time:

As available and scheduled – as stories/topics warrant. Days, evenings and/or weekends.


As a public television station, KBTC receives most of its income from viewer donations through special pledge programming and live appeals. KBTC also produces special field and studio programming and projects.

Intern opportunities:

Participate in all aspects of production including camera operation, studio audio, teleprompter, set dressing and lighting as needed.

Guest and volunteer hosting/training

Post production activities as warranted by project(s)

Intern work time:

Pledge – evenings and weekends as scheduled, particularly in December, March, June and August

Projects – as available and scheduled - anytime, as specified by project requirements