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September 2014




9 PM & 10 PM

Don Matteo isn't an ordinary parish priest. This former missionary is blessed with extraordinary intuition and a deep understanding of the human soul, traits which come in handy when a crime has been committed!  Directed by Enrico Oldoini, 2000, color.  In Italian with English subtitles.

Series Rating: TVPG.


511 - A Restless Spirit

An aristocratic woman falls ill and dies during a séance.  While the police investigate, Tommasi’s life is turned upside down when his mother and his girlfriend decide to visit at the same time. Directed by Fabrizio Costa, 2008.


512 - The Secrets of Others

A young female horse rider dies after a riding competition.  The autopsy reveals that she was poisoned.  Who could possibly have wanted to kill her? During the investigation, Captain Tommasi trains with the Marshal to win a canoe race. Directed by Fabrizio Costa, 2008.


513 - Francesca and the Wolf

A famous ethnologist called to Gubbio to study the behavior of a wolf is killed in mysterious circumstances.  The primary suspect is the man’s assistant, a woman who was once a guest at the Sister Mary Institute.  She appeals to Don Matteo for help. Directed by Fabrizio Costa, 2008.


514 - The Carousel

A man is found dead on Gubbio’s historic carousel. The carousel owner is found near the body, unconscious and holding a gun. Convinced that the facts speak for themselves, Captain Tommasi is ready to close the case. But truth is not a presumption for Don Matteo, however.  Directed by Fabrizio Costa, 2008.


515 - I’ll Save You

A young female entrepreneur from Umbria is abducted.  A child from the children’s home is found dying at the bottom of a well.  Could there be a connection between the two events?  The officers investigate while Cecchini and Amanda try to organize a trip to Moscow to celebrate Tommasi’s birthday.  Directed by Fabrizio Costa, 2008.


516 - A Valentine for Natalina

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and a young journalist is found dead.  The primary suspect is a man who was seen fighting with him inside a speed-dating club.  While the murder is being investigated, Natalina finds a love letter and is convinced it’s Captain Tommasi’s way of making a declaration… for her! Directed by Giulio Base, 2008.


517 - Close Encounters

After an astronomy lesson, the professor is found dead at the bottom of a gorge. The strange series of lights seen the night before his death lead Pipp and Natalina to believe aliens in UFOs could be responsible for his death. Directed by Elisabetta Marchetti, 2008. 


518 – A Stolen Dream

A young prostitute dies in mysterious circumstances. Her pimp is the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Pippo and Natalina find a purse full of money that they want to spend to make their dreams come true. Directed by Giulio Base, 2008.


519 – Natalina’s Brother

Natalina’s brother shows up at the rectory with a new-born daughter and Natalina goes into overdrive in her new role as the attentive auntie.  Meanwhile, a seriously wounded woman is abandoned in the hospital. Directed by Giulio Base, 2008.


520 - Romantic Crisis

A young woman recently fired from a textile company is found dead and her ex-boyfriend is the prime suspect.  Captain Tommasi finds himself dumped by his girlfriend, Amanda, and Cecchini and his family mount a campaign to lift his spirits.  Directed by Giulio Base, 2008.


Crime Stories


Based on the best-selling book by Ferdinand von Schirach, this six-part series consists of unusual cases inspired by actual crimes. The stand-alone episodes portray the crime from the viewpoint of perpetrator, victims and witnesses, and are linked by the recurring figure of the defense attorney, who seeks to obtain the most lenient sentence for his client. From numerology to ancient Japanese traditions and a husband terrorized by his wife, the cases take the viewer down unknown paths…

Series Rating: TV14


Episode 102 - Tanata’s Bowl

Petty criminals from Berlin-Neukölln steal an extremely valuable Japanese bowl when they break in to a villa. They have no idea that they are up against a centuries-old Japanese tradition that reclaims what was taken with extreme brutality... Directed by Jobst Oetzmann, 2013.


Episode 103 - Green

The son of an important Brandenburg farmer dabbles with numerological rituals and kills the farmer’s sheep in the night. When the young village beauty disappears, he is an immediate suspect. The attorney also tries to find out why the sheep were killed... Directed by Hannu Salonen, 2013.


Episode 104 - The Hedgehog

A Lebanese man with a lengthy criminal record is accused of armed robbery, and identified without doubt by the burglarized jeweler in a police line-up. At the trial, everyone expects the man to be sent to jail – until the youngest brother of the defendant is called to the witness stand. He is the only one of the family’s nine brothers with no criminal record, which is why no one doubts his statement. But then events take a surprising turn... Directed by Jobst Oetzmann, 2013.


Episode 105 - Summertime

An error pertaining to the Daylight Savings Time change at the end of summer saves an industrialist from a jail sentence for the murder of his young sex playmate. Directed by Hannu Salonen, 2013.


Episode 106 - Self-Defense

A man defends himself on a commuter train against two young rowdies, and kills them with their own weapons. The identity of the man cannot be determined. He prefers to remain silent – perhaps because he is the murderer in another case... Directed by Jobst Oetzmann, 2013.



A new section of law enforcement is set up to fight crime. Codename: Antigone 34

Under the pressure of an invisible and powerful enemy, Lea Hippolyte, a police commissioner and martial arts specialist joins forces with Victor, a marginal doctor wrongly disbarred, and with Helene, a non-conformist psycho-criminologist. Their investigations on “ordinary” crimes cross paths with much higher stakes and address universal topics. Filmed in Montpellier in the south of France, this series follows three characters with little in common joining forces to overcome common threats. Directed by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, Roger Simonsz, 2012. In French with English subtitles.

Series Rating: TVPG


Episode 102

A video-game programmer is pronounced missing by his wife who fears the worst. Lea takes on the case personally and discovers that missing man's credit card is being used by a young gypsy boy. Lea crosses paths with Victor again, who has learned of new information surrounding his daughter's murder from Paco, an old friend from prison. Directed by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, 2012.


Episode 103

Lea's young partner is gravely injured by a hit and run during a traffic stop. The driver is soon after shot and killed by Perez, Lea's antagonistic rival in the police force. Lea's discovers that the perpetrator's documents were forged and goes on a hunt to uncover a criminal operation that produces fake IDs to illegal immigrants. Directed by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, 2012.


Episode 104 (TV14)

A body is discovered in the freezer of a fish warehouse after an attempted robbery. The victim, a ship captain, was murdered prior to the break-in and the police must investigate potential suspects, ranging from eco-activists to jealous cuckolds. Meanwhile, a delirious woman turns up at the gypsy camp and insists on finding her missing baby/ Directed by Roger Simonsz, 2012.


Episode 105 (TV14)

Lea and the police investigate what appears to be a contracted hit on a single mother in her home. The unreachable victim's ex-husband seems to have the best motive, however a female neighbor insists that the she was the intended target. Lea bets her money on the ex-husband but must first track him down and obtain solid evidence. Directed by Roger Simonsz, 2012.


Episode 106

Victor agrees to conduct an operation on an escort girl in exchange for help in own quest for truth on his daughter. However, his patient is later found dead in what appears to be an attempt to frame him. Lea must investigate into the world of high class liaisons in order to find out who's behind the set up and prove Victor's innocence. Directed by Roger Simonsz, 2012.



9 PM

A worldwide bestseller, Dolmen is the most successful French drama series ever, with over 12 million viewers per episode.

The beautiful craggy island of Ty Kern, off the coast of Brittany, becomes the stage of strange, dramatic happenings as one by one members of well-known local families die in mysterious circumstances. The ritual involved in each of these deaths revives an old and sinister island legend – that of the shipwreckers. Marie Kermeur, who was born in Ty Kern, starts investigating, but a top cop from Paris, Lucas Fersen, is soon put in charge of the case. However, given that her family is being directly affected by these eerie events, Marie is determined to help solve the mystery. Despite initial mutual mistrust, a strong attraction grows between Marie and Lucas. Together they reveal Ty Kern’s darkest secrets. Directed by Didier Albert, 2005. In French with English subtitles.

Series Rating: TVPG


Episode 102

Marie continues her personal investigation of the strange events on Ty Kern, and meets the Irish novelist, Patrick Ryan, who is living in the lighthouse and writing a book about Celtic legends.  More deaths occur on the island, and the blood of the victims appears to be pouring from the large stones that are in a formation near the lighthouse.  The islanders blame Marie for the run of events. 


Episode 103

Christian leaves the island to take part in the Plymouth/Newport boat race, with problems between him and Marie unresolved.  When the surveillance cameras on the large bleeding stones go out, Lucas investigates and sees a strange apparition.  He and Marie hammer out a truce of sorts, and together they research and find that a woman named Marie washed up on the shore of Ty Kern in 1968.  


Episode 104

More mysterious deaths keep happening on Ty Kern, and the large menhirs keep shedding blood.  Marie stumbles upon a young couple who come from the two feuding families on the island.  She also continues her investigation despite resistance from the islanders, and begins to talk to people with specific memories of the night of the tragic shipwreck in 1968.  


Episode 105

In their joint investigation of the deaths and strange happenings on Ty Kern, Marie and Lucas talk to the heads of the warring families.  They uncover affairs, intrigue and malice that go back decades. They also discover that on the night of the shipwreck, some of the adults on the island played a role.  


Van Veeteren


One of the most suspenseful psychological thrillers from Sweden, the Van Veeteren series brings to life the best-selling crime novels by one of Sweden’s most popular mystery writers, Håkan Nesser, whose books have been published in more than 20 countries world-wide. Set in the fictitious city of Maardam, in a made-up country that could be anywhere in northern Europe, the series follows the murder cases of retired chief inspector, Van Veeteren, and his two crime squad proté gés, Münster and Moreno.


Van Veeteren: Munster’s Case (TV14) (Unedited Rating: TVMA)

Original Title: Munsters Fall

When the body of a wealthy wine merchant washes up on a beach with multiple stab wounds, police fear a media frenzy. But the quick arrest of the man’s former partner in the face of damning evidence promises a quick resolution to the case. Directed by Rickard Petrelius, 2005, color. In Swedish with English subtitles.


Van Veeteren: Moreno & the Silence (TVPG) (Unedited Rating: TV14)

Original Title: Moreno & Tystnaden

When a girl is murdered soon after leaving a closed religious community, Moreno faces a di cult investigation as the community closes ranks and refuses to cooperate. When another girl is abducted and her bloody fingernails mailed to the police, tongues begin to loosen. Directed by Erik Leijonborg, 2006, color. In Swedish with English subtitles.


Van Veeteren: The Swallow, The Cat, The Rose and Death (TVPG) (Unedited Rating: TVMA)

Original Title: Svalan, Katten, Rosen, Doden

Münster comes across the body of a young woman in her home and surprises the murderer who is still on the premises. Though the murderer escapes, a rare book is found at the scene with a dedication by the killer. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2006, color. In Swedish with English subtitles.


Van Veeteren: Carambole (TV14) (Unedited Rating: TV14)

Original Title: Carambole

Following a clandestine meeting with his lover a man kills a young boy in a hit and run, but does not escape unseen. The ensuing blackmail drama claims further victims, including Van Veeteren’s son, Erich. Van Veeteren’s attempts to involve himself in the investigation put his relationship with Münster and Moreno under strain, especially as a picture of Erich begins to emerge that Van Veeteren refuses to accept. In the end Van Veeteren has to use himself as bait to lure the killer into the open. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2005, color. In Swedish with English subtitles.



9 PM

Idyllically located on the Swedish island of Gotland, the medieval town of Visby looks like a picture of innocence. But behind the facades of its brightly colored houses lurk evildoers of all stripes - con men, kidnappers, killers. Solving the island's crimes is the job of German inspector Robert Anders, an engaging, laid-back family man who lives on the island with his Swedish wife Line. Suspense in spectacular landscapes! Based on the best-selling crime novels by Swedish author Mari Jungstedt. In German with English subtitles.

Series Rating: TV14


102 – Closer Than You Think

First, a fourteen-year-old girl falls to her death from a cliff a few days before midsummer; then a photographer is found murdered in his darkroom shortly thereafter. Inspector Anders and his team are certain that there is a connection. The hottest clue leads them to a riding stable - the focal point in the life of the dead girl. Directed by Christiane Balthasar, 2007.


103 – In a Lonely Place

An international group of archeology students are working on the excavation sites of Gotland, researching finds from the Viking Age. But then the unthinkable happens: the body of one of the students is discovered, seemingly struck down by a Viking ritual called the Triune death. Inspector Anders finds himself faced with multiple suspects as he begins his investigation, and then more deaths occur – victims of the ancient rituals of the Vikings. With Ola Rapace and Nikolaj Lie Kaas. Directed by Anno Saul, 2008.


104 - Summertime

After an explosion, a body is found in a quarry. What at first looks like an accident turns out to be cold-blooded murder. But who was interested in the death of explosives master Morgan Larsson? Inspector Anders finds the key to the case lies in the victim’s past. With Shanti Roney. Directed by Anno Saul, 2008.


105 – The Dying Dandy

When art dealer Egon Wallin is found murdered in his gallery, Inspector Anders and his team face a dilemma: the killer placed a valuable painting next to his victim, and destroyed it. The painting – The Dying Dandy – had recently been stolen from a museum. Further stolen paintings are found in the gallery’s archives. There is no doubt about it: Wallin was involved in illegal art dealing. Directed by Marcus Weiler, 2009.


Private Eye Vares

9 PM

Private investigator, ladies' man, hard-drinking pub regular - Jussi Vares is a hero poised between rock-hard determination and laid-back nonchalance. Created by bestselling Finnish crime author Reijo Maki, Vares has become the immensely popular protagonist of a series of crime novesl that have now found their way onto the screen. As played by Antti Reini, Vares radiates all the vulnerability, loneliness and death-defying dedication of a man who may not have found his place in life, but can pretty much do without it. His outward appearance alternates between scruffy - which helps him win the trust of the lowlifes he needs for his information - and spiffy - which helps him win the hearts of the ladies he wants to seduce. Vares can rely on the support of Lieutenant Hautavainio, who knows better than to rein him in, and the valuable assistance of ex-con Antidote, who still has underworld connections. Pretty blonde cab driver and exotic dancer Anna rounds off Vares' gallery of friends and helpers. Based in Turku on Finland's southwestern coast, Vares takes on cases that run the gamut from intimate family score-settlings to big-time Russian Mafia trouble. Distributed by Global Screen. In Finnish with English subtitles.

Series Rating: TV14


#102 - The Girls of April

Ten years ago, three fun-loving female students vanished one after the other. Although no bodies were ever found, the entire nation was convinced that they had been killed. Journalist Ruuhio hires his friend Vares to pick up the investigation - but his timing couldn't be worse. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2011.


#103 - Garter Snake

A distinguished lawyer suspects that his wife is cheating on him with the lounge pianist Lobo. Vares keeps tabs on the pianist, but what he finds out propels him into the midst of a really big affair: Lobo is involved in the porn and drug business, which doesn't like private eyes at all. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2011.


#104 – The Path of the Righteous Man

Investigating a murder in a small, secluded village, Vares discovers a town in the grip of a powerful religious sect. Drugged and locked away in the local psychiatric clinic, Vares manages to escape and must now bring down a ring involved in extortion, religious scams and much more. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2012.


#105 - Gambling Chip

Vares has fallen in love with a woman who is soon found murdered. He's hired by her brother Timo to find the killer, but Timo himself starts acting suspiciously after he catches his wife in the arms of a dubious bank manager who's involved in a gigantic financial scam. Directed by Anders Engström, 2012.





#103 - Back to Basics

Detective Salvo Montalbano finds himself threatened by the arrival of new Deputy Detective Mimi Augello. They investigate a kidnapping case together while Montalbano secretly wonders whether his new colleague is friend or foe. Together they also meet a beautiful Genoese architect, Livia Burlando. Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, 2012, color. In Italian with English subtitles.


#104 - Mortally Wounded

Detective Salvo Montalbano investigates a case in which the murder victim turns out to have had a complicated and illegal private life. It's also clear to all who know the young detective that his relationship with the beautiful Livia is going well. Salvo's father even attempts to use her to approach his estranged son. Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, 2012, color. In Italian with English subtitles.


#105 - The Third Secret

Vigata is faced with a high number of workers' deaths, followed by strange anonymous letters addressed to Detective Montalbano. The station also acquires a new young cop, Giuseppe Fazio, son of the recently-retired detective, Carmine. The younger Fazio is ready to follow his irascible leader despite their initial clashes. Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, 2012, color. In Italian with English subtitles.


#106 - Seven Mondays

Livia convinces Salvo to take a seven-day vacation with her in Provence. Just as they're about to depart, Vigata is shaken by a murder and the ritualistic killing of some animals, all occurring on the same day at dawn. Unwilling to lose her vacation, Livia leaves for the trip with someone else and Detective Montalbano stays to work the case. Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, 2012, color. In Italian with English subtitles.



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Based on the series of books by the legendary Belgian crime writer Georges Simenon, these detective stories feature the mythic character Maigret. Each murder is investigated by Maigret in his own singular unhurried manner, leading inevitably to the truth. Which he often finds in the least likely place. Deeply embedded in their environment whether Paris, Belgium or the French countryside, these films are a worthy tribute to one of the most famous detectives of the century.


118 – Maigret and the Candle Auction

What began as a short trip to question an innkeeper in the Vendee turns into days as Inspector Maigret gets confined to the inn with the flu. Then, a guest is found murdered. The police cordon off the inn and begin a careful reconstruction of events, while Maigret conducts his own investigation.


119 – No Vacation for Maigret

Inspector Maigret and his wife’s Belgian vacation is cut short when Mrs. Maigret gets appendicitis. Returning from her bedside, Maigret discovers a note in his pocket about his wife’s hospital roomate; the sister-in-law of the surgeon who operated on Mrs. Maigret. Murder is in the air, and Maigret begins an unauthorized investigation.


120 – Maigret is Afraid

Returning from a criminology conference, Inspector Maigret stops off to visit his old friend Chabot, a judge in a small provincial town which has been rocked by a pair of murders. A third murder soon follows, and Maigret’s planned R&R turns into his usual meticulous investigation.


121 – Maigret Goes Home

What begins as a routine trip to his hometown of Saint-Fiacre turns into work, as Inspector Maigret arrives just in time to witness a murder. Childhood memories return to haunt him as his investigation begins. Can he perform with his customary excellence in the place of his humble beginnings?


122 – Death of a Harbour Master

A man is found wandering the streets of Paris, mute and amnesiac. Under the old wig that overhangs his blank stare, the police discover a shaven head, and a gunshot wound that has been meticulously stitched. Inspector Maigret is on the case..


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