Providing corporate support for KBTC brings your organization a strong association with the quality and trustworthiness of public broadcasting. Underwriting on KBTC will help enhance your image by sending a message to audiences that you practice corporate citizenship.

Audiences have positive opinions of companies that support public television and perceive underwriters to have the same attributes as PBS.

Benefits to underwriters on KBTC include the following:

• Inform and educate a targeted audience about your organization’s products, services, purpose, and achievements. This audience consists of affluent consumers, influential business decision-makers, civic-minded individuals, and other key leaders. 64% of PBS viewers feel that PBS underwriters are industry leaders. (PBS Image Tracking Study)

• Build brand loyalty and trust by being associated with PBS, the #1 most-trusted institution in the United States. 82% of PBS viewers consider PBS underwriters to be trustworthy organizations. (Cone Roper Poll/Study)

• Generate goodwill by visibly investing in the community. 70% of PBS viewers feel that companies that fund PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence. (Total Research Tracking Study)

Through our diverse programming, you can choose a genre or niche that best targets your potential customers, or best represents your corporate interests.


  • On-air (10-, 15-, 20- and 30-second spots)
    • Professional production of your spot at no charge
    • Reach the entire I-5 corridor, from Astoria, Oregon into Vancouver, BC.
  • Web  ads on (over 25,000 monthly)
  • Print Ads
    • Full-color ads in Choice Guide (mailed to 15,000 KBTC members every month)
  • Video and Teleconferencing
    • Digital equipment and facility near downtown Tacoma
  • Station Events
    • Tours and luncheon opportunities
  • Education
    • Sponsorship of critical KBTC educational programs such as Ready to Learn and Early Learning Workshops
  • Community Engagement
    • Sponsorship of community resources and initiatives around education, health care, green living and more.

Copy Guidelines

Your sponsorship message will be carefully crafted to suit your marketing and public relations needs while complying with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations applicable to non-commercial stations. The message may include the following elements:

  • Underwriter’s business or organization name, or that of the subsidiary, legal DBA, operating division or parent company
  • Location of business
  • Duration of business
  • Business phone number
  • A value-neutral description of the business of organization
  • Trade names, products or services that identify the underwriter (No more than three)
  • Third party names, corporations or sponsors cannot be included
  • An established corporate slogan that complies with all FCC regulations applicable to non-commercial stations

The FCC precludes qualitative, comparative or promotional language. Calls to action, pricing information and inducements to buy or sell are not permitted. KBTC does not use pre-produced messages or music beds.

All messages are done by KBTC staff announcers. Final approval of copy lies with KBTC.

Matching Gifts

You can double your donation with a matching gift. Many companies support KBTC by matching employee contributions. Some also match retired employee contributions. If your employer has a Matching Gifts Program, please contact your personnel office and let them know you support KBTC. Just obtain a matching gift form from your company’s human resources department, fill it out and turn it in with your donation. Your gift immediately starts working double time to support your favorite public television programs! For information on starting a Matching Gifts Program, please have someone from your personnel office contact our office at 253.680.7700.