KBTCexteriorKBTC is the South Sound’s Public Broadcasting Station. We are committed to telling local stories that aren’t being told anywhere else, serving the underserved and diverse audiences, and connecting viewers with the people and ideas that shape our community.

We believe telling meaningful stories that have the power to educate and inspire others to become more active, engaged members of their community is important work. We address the ever-changing television landscape and explore how it will improve our lives, rather than clutter it.

Corporate Support

You can have your message seen and heard in an un-cluttered environment by loyal viewers that recognize the sponsors of their favorite programs and reward those companies with their patronage.  You can increase your organization’s visibility and strengthen your corporate image by establishing an association with Public Broadcasting’s reputation for excellence, prestige, and commitment to education and public service.

Our Viewers

KBTC is available to 1.8 million TV households and 3.0 million viewers in Western Washington, British Columbia and Oregon.

We reach an audience that is affluent, educated, and influential… audiences in which more than 3/4 are adults 35 years of age or older, 76% homeowners and half have an annual household income of $50,000 or more. It is an audience that is difficult to reach anywhere else.


Your PBS Station

In America’s line-up of 200+ television channels, there is a place that’s quiet, calm, thoughtful and non-commercial: public television. Here is a place where you can discover, ponder, and learn. Come along and explore with us.

Explore community needs through compelling national television programs valued by viewers and donors alike. Explore human stories featuring local artists, educators, historians, performers, scientists, soldiers, students, and others. Explore the ideas and issues that occupy education, business, and civic leaders who seek positive, proactive community change.



KBTC Public Television engages viewers, communities, and supporters by delivering media experiences that educate, inspire, and entertain.


We seek to engage viewers as citizens, not as consumers. We affirm this vision by:

  • Serving diverse audiences, embracing innovation, valuing lifelong learning, and partnering with those who share our passion for public service.
  • Making the arts, science, and humanities available to the widest possible public.
  • Being a trusted partner to parents and educators.
  • Providing programs and services that promote the healthy development of children.
  • Fostering an informed and active citizenry through programs and events.
  • Forging strategic partnerships that contribute to the vitality of our community.
  • Serving the individual not just as spectator but as participant through programs and services.
  • Improving access to public media for all people.


We believe in and practice these core values.

  • We exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We value the contributions of everyone.
  • We respect each other and always assume good intent.
  • We promote a professional, friendly, and accessible atmosphere.
  • We provide a positive work environment.
  • We provide a safe, secure, and healthy workplace.
  • We promote lifelong learning.

Reasons to give

·         Your support is a gift to the community through your public television station.

·         A safe media environment for children and families, that engages our community, is vitally important to you.

·         You value the aspirational power of learning throughout every stage of life.

·         You agree that a locally owned and operated, commercial free media is vital for our economy and the values of our free society.

·         You put the public in public television by supporting the television programs and community based media experiences that align with your values.

·         Your support encourages additional support from individual donors, foundations, businesses, and corporations.

How we maximize your support

·         By exploring, capturing, and telling local stories.

·         By engaging community organizations who are dedicated to serving the underserved.

·         By amplifying the best of PBS in each and every neighborhood throughout western Washington.

·         By working with partners who are focused on inspiring children.