MYSTERY:Sherlock Holmes


The original, highly acclaimed series Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Holmes and Watson, returns to KBTC. Immerse yourself into a world of mystery and intrigue with literature's most famous detective. Sherlock Holmes is presented in a new, expertly digitized and re-mastered format that enhances the detailed film work of the original production.

Episodes Airing:

The Crooked Man (April 25)

Holmes and Watson visit Aldershot, to investigate the violent death of Colonel James Barclay. A tragic love story is unveiled which exposes the identity of a horribly deformed man, the 'crooked man'. His involvement is the case begins to place doubt in Holmes' mind - could Barclay have died of natural causes?
The Speckled Band (May 2)

Julia Stoner has lived alone with her step-father, Dr Grimsby Roylott since the strange death of her sister two years before. Holmes and Watson establish that the stepfather keeps a deadly snake- 'the speckled band' - which he intends using again as the murder tool. But what are his motives?
The Blue Carbuncle (May 9)

The Blue Carbuncle, a mysterious jewel with a sinister history, is stolen from the Countess of Morcar. After it is found inside a Christmas goose, the mystery becomes even more bizarre, so who is the true thief? This is a puzzle only Sherlock Holmes can unravel.
The Resident Patient (May 16)

In return for three quarter of all his fees Dr Trevelyan is given a practice in London's West End and a resident patient. All seems will until the patient is left terrified by a number of strange occurrences relating to his criminal past life. With all his powers of detection, it seems even Sherlock Holmes is powerless to help him!
The Greek Interpreter (May 23)

Mr Melas, Greek interpreter, undertakes an extraordinary assignment to gain a signature which will confirm a marriage. He knew he'd be risking his life if he told his story to a living soul. Fortunately he chose to confide in Mycroft, the brother of Sherlock Holmes.
A Scandal in Bohemia (May 30)

Holmes and Watson are asked by a masked nobleman to save one of the royal houses of Europe from ruin. This is the story of how a great scandal threatened to affect the kingdom of Bohemia, and how the best plans of Sherlock Holmes were beaten by a woman's wit, Miss Irene Alder.

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