MYSTERY:Sherlock Holmes


The original, highly acclaimed series Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Holmes and Watson, returns to KBTC. Immerse yourself into a world of mystery and intrigue with literature's most famous detective. Sherlock Holmes is presented in a new, expertly digitized and re-mastered format that enhances the detailed film work of the original production.

Episodes Airing:

The Abbey Grange (July 25)

The last of the Brackenstalls is dead and a shadow has fallen across the monogram and coat of arms. Sir Eustace has been bludgeoned to death in his dining room with a poker and Lady Mary was also attached by a gang of intruders before the fatal encounter. What appears to be a common burglary later has Holmes reconsidering. Something in the Abbey Grange dining room is nagging at his mind.
The Musgrave Ritual (August 1)

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are set for a weekend in the country. Their destination is Hurlstone Manor in Sussex and their host Reginald Musgrave, an undergraduate contemporary of the great detective and member of one of the oldest families in England. Holmes and Watson step back in time and unravel a strange 17th Century catechism giving enigmatic clues to the location of a particular site on the estate.

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