Chihuly in The HotShop:

chihuly portraitIn 2006, world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly reunited glassblowers from important periods of his career in a weeklong residency at the Museum of Glass in his hometown chihuly hot shopof Tacoma, Wash. The residency brought 40 artists and gaffers together to produce pieces revisiting 13 of Chihuly’s most important and best-known series. CHIHULY IN THE HOTSHOP captures highlights of that historic event, following Chihuly and his teams as they create magnificent works of glass art before an appreciative live audience in the museum’s state-of-the-art hotshop. Filmed in high-definition, the documentary offers an intimate, close-up view of the artist’s process, from initial design to completed piece.

Chihuly Outside:

Covering nearly half a century of Dale Chihuly’s work, Chihuly Outside documents his chihuly gardencareer as an installation artist, in particular his work done out in the landscape. This in-depth documentary encompasses one of the most vital and long-lasting aspects of Chihuly’s career, with interviews by Kiki Smith, Barbara Rose, and Chihuly, among others, which places this work within the broader context of contemporary art.

Chihuly Fire and Ice:

At once organic and otherworldly, pure and complicated, Dale Chihuly's glass works brilliantly combine the simplicity of the medium with the extraordinary innovation of the artist. From Chihuly’s studio in Seattle to installation sites throughout San Francisco, chihuly fire and light1CHIHULY FIRE & LIGHT observes the artist at work with his team as he conceives and creates his most ambitious chihuly saffron towerexhibition to date, Chihuly at the de Young. This 2008 exhibition included 11 galleries of new and archival works representing the breadth and scope of the artist's creative vision during the last four decades. From the Mille Fiori (a 56-foot garden of glass) to the Saffron Tower (a 30-foot neon sculpture), Chihuly's exquisite sculptures challenge convention with bold color, dramatic forms and extraordinary composition. In addition to interviews with architect Frank Gehry and other artists, art critics and museum executives, the film highlights the collaborative qualities of Chihuly’s creative process, in which he entrusts hundreds of talented glassblowers to execute his vision.

A Tacoma native, Chihuly elevated glassblowing to a high art form, allowing it to serve as a vehicle for large-scale self-expression, rather than mere mantelpiece craft. His works chihulyare internationally displayed; from the Tacoma Art Museum and Museum of Glass to Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory, from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to Venice and Murano, these exquisite sculptures capture a chihuly fire and iceunique image of the natural world while maintaining a strong element of fantasy. In Chihuly Fire & Light, the artist explores the use of neon lights to accompany his already vibrant glass pieces. The film also highlights the collaborative qualities of Chihuly’s creative process. This, ironically, is part of his trademark: the use of the collective to form something singular. Appealing to long-time fans and first-time viewers alike, Chihuly Fire & Light is an integral part of Seattle and its prominent art scene.