Zen Vendetta

mp zenWhat does an honest cop do when his bosses are on the side of the lawbreakers? Outwitting prosecutors, politicians, mobsters and run-of-the-mill kidnappers and killers, Detective Aurelio Zen brings justice to modern-day Italy, whether the authorities want it or not, on Zen, a trio of spellbinding cases based on the bestselling novels of by British crime writer Michael Dibdin.

mp zen1Rufus Sewell (Middlemarch) stars as Zen, a Roman police detective hailing from Venice, where "Zen" is a local shortening of the name Zeno. Separated from his wife and living with his mother, he is too frazzled by his job to think about romance. That is, until he meets Tania Moretti (Caterina Murino), his chief's new secretary.


Zen Cabal (July 28)

The dashing Roman detective Aurelio Zen is stuck in the hot seat when an important aristocratic family's disreputable son falls to his death from a bridge over the Tiber River. The powerful Ministry, to insulate itself against scandal, puts Zen on the case and demands his swift dismissal of the death as suicide. But the beautiful prosecutor Pirlo, exuding power and no shortage of allure, presses for a probing investigation...and a little something with Zen on the side.


Zen Ratking (August 4)

There's a new boss on the murder squad, Ernesto Hueber, and to his position he's brought an ironclad Code of Conduct, an antagonistic relationship with the powers that be and a bitter contempt for Zen. No "fraternizing" with coworkers and no freedom to define and skirt his own boundaries means certain noncompliance for Zen. Between his growing relationship with Tania and a new morally ambiguous case handed to him by the Ministry, Zen now must navigate the potential minefields of the girlfriend, the boss and the law.

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