as time goes by castTheir two characters: Jean and Lionel, fell in love during the early 1950s, but when army officer Lionel was sent to Korea they lost touch after a letter he sent her never arrived.

Both assumed the other had lost interest, but 38 years later their paths cross again, when Lionel returns to England to write his memoirs of life in the army and as a coffee-planter in Kenya (imaginatively titled 'My Life in Kenya').

But could their love be rekindled after so long?

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As Time Goes By Reunion

AS TIME GOES BY, one of the most popular and enduring British series on public as time goes by reuniontelevision, starred Dame Judi Dench as Jean Pargetter and Geoffrey Palmer as Lionel Hardcastle, former lovers who reunited after 40 years.

as time goes by reunion1This two part special picks up where the original series left off and reveals Jean’s great anticipation for grandchildren, much to husband Lionel's dismay. With son-in-law Alistair and daughter Judy having problems things don't look too promising, especially when it's left to Lionel to convince Alistair to visit the doctor for some tests.

Visit: As Time Goes By Online!


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