Under Fire

Children, guns and stopping accidental shootings

April 16, 2012

With all the incidents of child deaths and injuries involving the accidental discharge of firearms, Northwest Now is taking a closer look at the problem. We'll examine the policy questions with Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist and Washington Cease Fire president Ralph Fascitelli. Northwest Now is also providing some practical steps you can take to keep your firearms safe, or to pass-on to those who might not be aware of them. There's no way to tell how many KBTC viewers own firearms, but it's probably pretty safe to say that even if a person doesn't have a gun, that person knows people who do. KBTC is offering this program to discuss policy, but also as a public service to take a little more time with practical instruction than might be afforded on other media outlets covering these tragic stories.


Washington Cease Fire
Heidi Yewman
Brady Campaign
National Rifle Association
Pierce County Prosecutor's Office
The Marksman
Public Health Law Research

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