Under Water

The real estate market and Pierce County’s new flood control district

April 30, 2012

On this edition of Northwest Now - Under Water - host Tom Layson takes a look at the real estate market here in Western Washington, and the newly formed flood control district in Pierce County. Thousands of people have lost their homes in the brutal economic downturn, or owe more than their home is worth. We'll get a fresh look at our local market from Zillow and the Multiple Listing Service. Our studio guests are Zillow's chief economist Svenja Gudel and long time Tacoma area real estate broker Dick Beeson. Meanwhile, homeowners are being asked to pay for a new flood protection program in Pierce County. How much will it cost? Why does the burden fall on homeowners, or people living out of the flood zone? Pierce County Council chair Joyce McDonald accepted, and then declined to join us in studio. Councilman Dan Roach, who voted against the district, explains his side of the issue.


Real Estate Segment:

Better Homes and Gardens Pacific Commons

Flood Control Segment:

Pierce County Council
Pierce County Council news on flood control
Pierce County resource page on flood control

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