Rough Seas

The Business of Boats and Baseball

May 7, 2012

Western Washington is a maritime industry powerhouse - and industry insiders say billions of dollars in additional ship building work could be coming this way when the fleet starts replacing older boats. But there are concerns about Seattle's two industrial areas north and south of the downtown area and how they will be affected by increased rail traffic, the rebuilding of Spokane Street, the destruction of the Alaskan Way viaduct, the construction of a new seawall and tunnel, the possible construction of a new arena for basketball, and the traffic coming from millions of square feet of new office space in SODO. The bottom line: There are a lot of moving parts, and one of the region's core industrial sectors is feeling the pressure. Tied into all this are the Mariner's objections to a new arena, and the continued losing ways of the team. We'll speak with the author of the book Shipwrecked about the team's history and hopes for the future.

Learn more about the book, Shipwrecked through
Kvichak Marine Industries
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Washington State Department of Transportation

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