Initiative 1240

November 1, 2012

Voters in Washington state will decide whether to allow students to receive their educations at public charter schools. Forty one other states make provisions for charter schools including Oregon. Northwest Now producer, host and reporter Tom Layson traveled to Portland to visit a charter school, and leads the in-studio discussion between advocates on both sides of Initiative 1240.

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Like so many ballot initiatives, for every claim, there is a counter-claim. A lot of this will hinge on a voter's overall philosophy about the role of public education and the voter's perception of their local public school's success. Beyond that, like many other proposals for change, the data allowing a meaningful evaluation of success or failure won't be clear for a decade. A lot will depend on how Washington responds to court rulings that require additional funding for the public schools - in which charter schools will share since they too, are public schools.

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