FF702smThe Women Painters of Washington are celebrating their 80th year with a traveling exhibition called "Celebration!" displayed at five venues across the state. Celebration! features adjudicated art from just about every member of the WPW and will be on the road through the end of July 2013. Full Focus takes you to the exhibition's debut venue to see the exhibit, learn more about why women needed their own art organization 80 years ago, and introduce us to several of the painters who elevated the artistic reputation of Washington state.

Online video will be available after broadcast.


The Traveling Exhibition:

January 8 - February 23
Columbia Center Building
701 5th Ave., Suite 310

March 1 - April 21
Childhood's End Gallery
222 4th Ave. West

Port Townsend
May 2 - May 26
Northwind Arts Center
2409 Jefferson Street

June 7 - July 27
Clymer Museum
416 North Pearl Street

Producer's Note:

I've never been able to decide whether television does the visual arts justice. On the one hand, I really like the ability of the lens to take the viewer "inside" a painting in a sort of virtual, or immersive experience. On the other hand, the landscape orientation of the TV screen forces changes to be made in many paintings' composition and the way in which they are viewed. It's also hard to get a feel for size and the picture's relationship to the artist's vision for framing... especially where the spacing between pictures in a gallery doesn't allow for the work to be isolated in the video frame. What this is all leading up to is this thought: that seeing this exhibition on television is no substitute for seeing the art in person. If this program is your only chance, well then, it's better than the alternative and that's why I do what I do. But if you have the time, I hope this production piqued your interest enough to see the work in its original context where the human mind is able to see equally well in both landscape and portrait orientations, appreciate the ideas expressed in the framing, and see the work at scale. I'm sure the Women Painters of Washington would agree.

- Tom Layson