Breathe Easy

Everything you always wanted to know about burn bans

January 31, 2013

In this edition of Northwest Now, we learn more about the air pollution problem in Pierce County and the role wood burning stoves play in it. A more robust education and enforcement campaign is underway because federal transportation dollar are at risk if the Tacoma/Pierce County "non-attainment zone" isn't brought into compliance with federal clean air standards in the next year. Reporter Tom Layson will take us to an air monitoring station to see how air quality is measured, visit a fireplace shop to learn about the differences between wood burning stoves and lead the studio discussion with air quality regulators who are responsible for public education, and the enforcement crackdown on those who violate burn bans.

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For burn ban text messages, text “pierceburn” to 313131
For email alerts, sign up at or
A telephone hotline is also available at 1-800-595-4341
Comprehensive information about air pollution, wood burning, the buyback program and low income assistance can be found at

The conversation continues...

A Producer's Note on "The Conversation Continues" segments:

Northwest Now is an important part of KBTC's commitment to engage viewers by convening community stakeholders for meaningful conversations. But those conversations often continue after the televised portion of the show runs out of time. These web-only extras are offered so viewers can see the rest of the discussion if it happens to continue. Bear in mind, these segments aren't "made for television" in that the studio crew is sometimes getting extra shots or busy striking the set. So while it may not always be pretty, we hope you'll find it interesting.

- Tom Layson