With Damiel Amen & Tana Amen

This program features psychiatrist Daniel Amen and his wife, neurosurgical intensive care nurse Tana Amen. It is designed to help viewers take control of their physical and mental dr amen & wifehealth using the science of nutrigenomics - a big word, but it's very simple.
Nutrigenomics tells us that the foods you eat talk directly to your genes. You have the choice to eat in a way that turns on genes that keep you healthy or make you sick. Most people think of their genes like an evil monarchy that condemned them to be sick. Daniel and Tana Amen turn that notion on its head to give viewers much more control over the health of their bodies and minds. The Omni Health Revolution is a bipartisan plan that bridges the gap between strict vegetarian diets and extreme high protein diets, with a program that is based on 70% plant based foods and 30% high quality protein.

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