What is intelligence? How do we get it and can we increase it? SMARTER BRAINS uncoversthe latest research and reveals groundbreaking experiments that are redefining intelligence throughout our lifespan and especially our later years. Showing viewers the amazing science behind our intelligence — how it shapes our experience and enjoyment of the world around us, and how we can change and improve it, regardless of age.

SMARTER BRAINS takes the same tested approach as The Brain Fitness Program series, using inspirational stories, interviews with experts and researchers, and CGI illustrations. The result is a compelling narrative that explains intelligence and shows how neuroscience and psychology research indicates that we can not only make ourselves smarter, we can use everyday techniques and skills to help keep ourselves smart, active and vibrant throughout our lives. The program features leading neuroscientists, psychologists and experts from around the world weighing in on this life-changing subject. SMARTER BRAINS presents the latest research that is proving that you can — and should — teach an old dog new tricks.

SMARTER BRAINS explores crystallized intelligence, the knowledge and skills accumulated over a lifetime and which tends to increase with age, and fluid intelligence, the ability to reason quickly and to think abstractly. Fluid intelligence is the key to mental flexibility in older life and is critical for remaining engaged and at the top of our game. Fluid intelligence was once thought to peak in our twenties and decline during late adulthood, but recent research reveals that it is malleable throughout our lives — a game changer for anyone over the age of 30.


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