In today’s crazy, busy world, gathering together for dinner with family or friends can seem like a luxury. But sharing food with people you care about is not only fun — it’s chicken soupimportant for health and well-being, and has the power to create lasting bonds between the generations. Three extraordinary hosts from the food world — Amy Newmark, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Catherine Cassidy, Editor-in-Chief of Taste of Home Magazine, and John Doherty, former Executive Chef of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York — are joined with commentary from internist Suzanne Koven, MD, to explore the relationship between food, family and love. 

Combining current research on the medical and health benefits of shared meals with personal insights on how the legacy of caring and love can be gifted to others, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: FOOD & FAMILY offers demonstrations of terrific, easy-to-make recipes that will inspire viewers to try them out at home. The hosts will dispel the belief that it’s too much work and not enough fun to create family dinners, special occasion meals, or invite friends to drop by for a bite to eat. And for anyone who thinks that preparing food for more than one person is complicated, expensive or just plain hard — there’s good news in store!

Among the topics included are:

· Food legacy and heritage – how to tap into this powerful sense of history within a family or group of friends to create new stories

· Why food should be fun and why cooking food should not be a cause for additional stress

· How to stock the pantry so you are always prepared to feed friends or family easily

· How love fits into food preparation

· Inspiring stories about how shared meals have changed lives

· The community – enlarging the dinner table

· How to have fun and not worry when cooking for large numbers of people

· Cooking demonstrations that feature one-pan, easy-to-prepare meals, and great comfort food.


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