Martha Speaks
Skits under the Weather/ Martha the Weather Dog
Skits under the Weather Martha and Skits hate the sound of thunder. One day Skits gets fed up and tries to outrun the storm, but soon discovers that all roads somehow lead back home.Vocabulary(E) storm, thunder, lightning, shower, precipitation, hail(I) wet, downpour, rainfall, drizzleMartha the Weather Dog Windy McCloud, Wagstaff City's meteorologist, wants Martha to be her weather dog. Martha's thrilled that she'll be able to change the weather to suit Helen and her friends, until she finds out she's not going to make the weather, she's going to predict it. But all her predictions are way off. What should she tell Windy? Vocabulary(E) forecast, temperature, meteorologist, predict, weather(I) sunny, shower, snow, rain, cloudy, lightning
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