Martha Speaks
Therapy Dog/ Martha's Duck Trouble
Therapy Dog Martha becomes a hospital therapy dog, spreading cheer among the patients. But trouble brews when Mrs. Demson, who claims a horrible allergy to dogs, is admitted for an invisible rash. Can Martha sneak in to help the other patients without Mrs. Demson knowing?Vocabulary(E) therapy, patient, cheer, relief, treatment(I) hospital, rash, pain, doctor, nurseMartha's Duck Trouble Ralph, the wounded duck from the lake, has settled in at Martha's house to convalesce. Pretty soon, it feels like the duck is taking over. How long does it take for a duck's wing to heal anyway? Is it possible that Ralph has gotten a little too comfortable?Vocabulary(E) mend, heal, fake, mood, spirits(I) feel, worse, glum, down, low
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