Martha Speaks
Truman's Secret/ Skits Monkeys Around
Truman's Secret Where has Truman been and why is he acting so weird? He's hiding in the garage, lurking in the shadows. He finally agrees to tell the whole gruesome story, but will it be too horrible for them to bear? Vocabulary(E) appearance, self-conscious, mortified, flaw, vain(I) picture, horrible, barber, photo, haircutSkits Monkeys Around Skits loves to watch Malcolm, the blue monkey on TV. In fact, he loves Malcolm so much he wants to be Malcolm, and he starts wearing a polka dot bowtie. Martha is mortified to be seen with him in public. How long is this phase going to last-or could it be permanent?Vocabulary(E) phase, temporary, outgrow, imitate, (im)mature(I) copy, same, babyish, younger
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