Buenas Noches, Vicita/Prunella Packs It In
Buenas Noches, Vicita - Vicita Molina has lost her favorite book - a lovely South American tale of friendship and courage in he Amazon Jungle. No book means no sleep for Vicita - or for any of the Molinas. Since Vicita knows the story by heart, maybe D.W. and Arthur can help her find a way to re-create it and get the family back to sleep. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: D.W. and Vicita use their storytelling skills to recreate a beloved lost book. Viewers are introduced to Uaica, a figure in Latin American mythology.Prunella Packs It In - Everyone knows that elementary school is way too early to start thinking about college - except for Prunella. Her older sister's anxiety about college is so contagious that Prunella piles on extra-curricular activities to make her more "appealing." Will she crack under the heavy load? Or will she learn to relax and focus on the things that she actually enjoys? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Prunella learns to value her own skills and interests above simply trying to live up to the expectations of others.
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