Swept Away/Germophobia
Swept Away - It's summertime! Arthur, D.W. and Buster are spending a few days at the beach where they discover the simple joys of building sand castles. But can they save their beloved creation from the inevitable ocean tides? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Arthur, Buster and D.W. find that they can all have fun together designing and building a sand castle - and also learn how ocean tides work.Germophobia - Buster's friends have had enough of his sloppy habits, so they band together to educate him on the realities of bacteria. But when Buster goes way overboard to avoid any kind of germs, his friends think they may have gone too far. Can they bring Buster back to reality before his pool party? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Buster discovers the importance of hygiene, and figures out that there is good bacteria in addition to harmful bacteria.
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