Phony Fern/Brain's Shocking Secret
Phony Fern - When Fern's parents give her a cell phone for "emergencies only," Fern is uninterested -- until Muffy introduces her to the joys of personalized ring tones, texting, and incessant chatting! Fern becomes hooked, and starts to believe that nail polish consultations are "emergencies." But she realizes that although evolving technology is great, sometimes it's better to communicate the old-fashioned way, in person. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Media literacy focus: Fern learns that cell phone technology is useful, but that personal contact is very important to communicating and maintaining friendships. Brain's Shocking Secret - Brain is the smartest kid in his class. Everyone knows that! What they don't know is that he was kept back in Kindergarten - and that's a fact Brain would like to keep secret. Will Binky spill the beans? EDUCATIONAL OBJECITVE: Brain realizes that repeating Kindergarten helped his academic and personal growth, and that his friends will support him no matter what.
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