Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery/Strangers on a Train
Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery - Nadine, D.W.'s imaginary friend is missing! Baby Kate, Pal, Amigo, and Nemo are all on the case and won't give up until this mystery is solved - even if some fur gets ruffled along the way! Could the Tibbles be hiding Nadine? Or is the solution to the mystery closer to home? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Baby Kate and Pal demonstrate their loyalty to D.W. by trying to rescue her beloved (though imaginary) friend, Nadine.Strangers on a Train - Sue Ellen can't wait to travel on an old-fashioned train with her mom. It will be just like those black and white movies! But once onboard, Sue Ellen discovers that the train is not as spectacular as she had hoped - until she finds a mysterious diary on board. Could it belong to the ghost of the "Crown City Star"?? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Sue Ellen experiences the joys of train travel, sharing stories, and learning about the adventures of a kindly woman from an older generation.
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