No Acting Please / Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending
No Acting Please: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman guest-stars as director Will Toffman in this episode about theater and the arts. When Fern lands a role in the Elwood City community production of "It Began With a Whistle," she fears she's not talented enough to be a star actress. But Will Toffman teaches Fern how to have fun, be herself and truly shine. Educational Objective: Fern learns about what goes into a community theater production, and the skills it takes to be an actor. In particular, she learns what it means to be melodramatic and over-act. Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending: Finally, the final volume of the Henry Screever series, The Knights of the Bouillabiasse, is out. Prunella and Marina compete to see who can finish the book the fastest. But the two friends learn that speed-reading doesn't always pay off.Educational Objective: Prunella and Marina learn that you can learn more by reading carefully than you can by reading quickly.
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