Martha Speaks
Martha and Skits/Martha Plays a Part
Martha and Skits* (*book based)A new puppy joins Martha's household, bursting with puppy energy and the desire to chew everything. Unlike Martha, when Skits eats alphabet soup, nothing comes out except "Woof." Feeling like he's let the family down, Skits runs away. But soon Skits discovers that everybody is special in their own way.Vocabulary(E) exceptional(ly), stupendous, unique, specialize, extraordinary(I) one-of-a-kind, excellent, perfect, superMartha Plays a Part Helen is miserable after Martha volunteers her for a part in the school play. With practice-and a little help from Martha-Helen finds she can do anything she wants, if she puts her mind to it.Vocabulary(E) talent, expert, knack, gift, outstanding(I) superb, terrific, fantastic, practice, perform(ing)(ance), cue, play
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