Martha Speaks
Down on the Farm/ Martha Runs Away
Down on the Farm Helen, Martha, and T.D. visit T.D.'s grandpa CK on his farm. When Martha tries to help with chores, things get a little out of hand. She doesn't think she's cut out to be a farm dog, until she raises the alarm, just in the nick of time. Vocabulary(E chores, herd, pasture, responsibility(ies), task, toil(I) job, tired, riseMartha Runs Away When Helen gets mad, Martha feels unappreciated and decides to run away. She finds the perfect job to match her abilities-as a telemarketer-and enjoys career success. But she realizes that no amount of success is a substitute for a loving family. Vocabulary(E) success(eed), appreciate, opportunity, promote(ion)(ing)(ed), employ(ment)(ee)(er)(I) manage(r), hire(d), work, boss
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