Martha Speaks
Martha Blah Blah/ Skits Behaves
Martha Blah Blah* (*book based)Granny Flo decides to cut costs at the soup factory. Who would notice if each bowl of soup had only half the letters of the alphabet anyway? Martha would, that's who. As the letters are subtracted from the soup, they're also subtracted from her speech, and Martha loses her ability to communicate. Has Martha ordered her last burger?Vocabulary(E) limit, add, subtract, reduce, diminish(I) few, greater, higher, more, lessSkits BehavesNow that Skits is full grown, his rambunctious behavior has really gotten out of hand. Mom and Dad tell Helen she has to train Skits or he will have to be an outside dog. Helen tries all the latest training techniques with no success, until she realizes there's only one sure-fire training method: practice, lots of practice. Vocabulary(E) improve(ment), progress, expand, behave, develop(I) better, misbehave, grow(n)(th), manners, learn
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