Martha Speaks
Martha and the Canine Caper/ Perfectly Martha
Martha and the Canine CaperMartha inadvertently helps some stray dogs rob Karl the butcher. Worried that she'll get blamed for the crime, she conceals the evidence and pretends nothing happened. When the canine criminals recruit her for another heist, she's torn between the truth and a really big salami. Vocabulary(E) distressed, blame, confess, conceal(ing), shame(I) rob, crime, punish, suspect, honest, hurtPerfectly Martha* (*book based)Martha thinks there's something fishy about the Perfect Pup Institute. Why are all these dogs behaving so, well, perfectly? Martha is determined to uncover the secret, before any more dogs lose their essential dogginess. Will she succeed or will she become a perfect pup too?Vocabulary(E) train, imperfect, obedient, disobedient, misbehave(I) wild, good, bad, sneaky, secret
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