Curious George
Curious George and the Invisible Sound/Curious George, A Peeling Monkey
Curious George and the Invisible Sound: While trying to record different animal sounds in the country, George discovers some amazing things about the dynamics of sound: the closer he gets, the louder the sound; the further away he is, the quieter the sound. Then he discovers one heís never heard before. He follows the direction of the sound throughout the house until he findsÖ a cricket?! How can something so small make such a big noise? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate that sounds vary in volume, pitch, and quality depending on the nature of the object that is vibrating. To show that a noise will sound quieter with distance.Curious George, A Peeling Monkey: George really canít wait to see whatís inside Professor Wisemanís birthday present. Because heís a good little monkey, he leaves the present in one piece, but he distracts himself by "unwrapping" everything else around him. George learns that lots of things have covers, and for many different reasons. Even the bathroom walls are covered with wallpaper! But not for long! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate that materials, both natural and human-made, have specific characteristics that determine how they will be used. For example, the skins of fruit function to protect them.
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