Martha Speaks
Raiders of the Lost Art/Martha Says It with Flowers
Raiders of the Lost Art After TD passes in the wrong drawing in art class (a caricature of his art teacher instead of a perfectly good drawing of the back of Chuck Smith's head), he panics. With Truman and Martha keeping an eye out for the janitor, Helen and TD sneak into the school after hours to switch the drawings. But will they get caught, or worse still, eaten by a desert mountain snow wolf?Vocabulary(E) apologize, dilemma, forgive, miserable, regret(I) mistake, solve, sorry, swap, unhappyMartha Says It with Flowers Martha always seems to do the wrong thing around Grandma Lucille. To prove that she's really considerate, she decides to do something really special for Grandma's birthday. But finding the perfect present for a human is a lot harder than it looks.Vocabulary(E) considerate, delightful, thoughtful, sincere, (in)considerate(I) kind, lovely, nice, sweet
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