Curious George
Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel For a Day
Curious George, Dog Counter: It’s Dog Show Day! George and Professor Wiseman spend the day with all kinds of different dogs: big, small, hairy…and hungry. With the help of his sandwich, George tempts the winning dogs to follow him home to show The Man with the Yellow Hat. Once there, George can’t keep track of all the dogs, so he and a worried Hundley come up with creative ways to sort and count the dogs in the apartment. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To sort and classify sets of objects (or animals) by size, number, and other properties. Squirrel For a Day: When Bill shows George how Jumpy Squirrel stores his food in the ground, George decides this is a pretty good idea and tries to store all the food in the country house in the ground too. The Man with the Yellow Hat rescues their supplies and tries to explain that they should only put things in the ground if they want them to grow. That sounds like another great plan. George tries to see what else might grow—will car keys grow into a car? Will a rubber band grow into an inner tube? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To learn how plants grow from seeds.
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