Curious George
Water to Ducks/Animal Magnetism
Water to Ducks: After a big rain, George is ecstatic to discover ducks swimming in a big puddle next to the country house. But the puddle starts to shrink and the ducks begin to fly away. How can George keep that puddle from evaporating so he and Jumpy can continue to play peek-a-boo with that cute baby duck? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate that as part of the water cycle, precipitation in the form of rain falls to Earth where it can soak into the ground, run off, collect in bodies of water or evaporate.Animal Magnetism: On a mission to find magnets to hang his newest masterpiece on the refrigerator, George learns a lot about magnets. His new knowledge comes in handy when he has to save his precious artwork from a giant magnetic crane at the junkyard. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To show that magnets attract and repel each other; that magnets attract certain kinds of other metals; and that objects made of certain metals can be magnetized.
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