Curious George
The Truth About George Burgers/Curious George in the Dark
The Truth About George Burgers: George accidentally loses a batch of Chef Pisghetti’s newest creation: Giardino Burgers. And they need to be delivered to the Fireman’s Picnic right away. Can George save the day by re-creating the Chef’s recipe? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To learn the importance of planning and following directions in order to get things done.Curious George in the Dark: Most of the time, George isn’t afraid of the dark, but when he explores a mysterious cave, he decides that sometimes the dark can be a little scary. It doesn’t get any better when a thunderstorm knocks the power out and the country house is in the dark. But with the help of his trusty flashlight, George conquers his fears and even shows Jumpy how to have some fun with shadows. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To explore how the shadow of an object changes in size and shape depending on the relationship between the location of the object and the location of the light source.
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