The Cherry Tree / Matchmaker Matchbreaker
The Cherry TreeMuffy will do anything to have a gigantic Dream Bouncy Castle at her party, or so she thinks. When her favorite cherry tree is cut down to make room for the castle in her yard, she starts to have regrets. Then to make matters worse, she learns that cutting down trees hurts the environment, too. What can Muffy do to fix the damage she's done? Educational Objective: Muffy and friends learn about the significant role trees play in maintaining our environment.MatchmakerFrancine and Muffy scheme to set up their older siblings Chip and Catherine. If the two got married that would make the girls sisters! But plans go awry, and Francine and Muffy decide that merging families may not be for the best. Educational Objective: Muffy and Francine learn that sometimes it's better not to scheme and let life take its course.
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