Curious George
Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey
Surprise Quints: Itís Mr. Quintís birthday and everyone is helping with preparations for a surprise party. But Mr. Quint comes home early from his fishing trip so George is assigned the job of keeping him busy until itís time for the party. The job gets even more complicated when four of Mr. Quintís siblings arrive and they are all having the same birthday -- could they be quintuplets? And can you keep five Quints happy with only twelve fish crackers to eat? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To understand situations that entail division, such as sharing equally and to count with understanding and to recognize "how many" in a group.Muddy Monkey: The Man with the Yellow Hat just canít figure out why George refuses to take a bath. What he doesnít realize is that George has lost his favorite bath toy, Sproingy the Frog. And until George finds Sproingy, all the shower games, car washes, and dog washes arenít going to do a bit of good. Unless of course, the dog being washed happens to be playing with a very special bubble making frog. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To learn that bubbles are made of air surrounded by a very thin film. To show that no matter what the shape of the bubble-maker, the shape of a free-floating bubble is a sphere.
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