Home Sweet Home / Do You Believe in Magic
Home Sweet HomeBuster heads off to summer camp reluctantly, worried that he won't know anyone. But equipped with a few stories of summer camp battles and triumphs from his older and wiser friend Fritz (who runs the community garden), Buster realizes it's easy to make new friends after all.Educational Objective: Buster learns about facing your fears in doing new things and making new friends. He also teaches his friends about how to grow heirloom tomatoes and about community gardening.Do You Believe in Magic?Arthur feels jealous when Buster's magic tricks outshine his own. When Buster is hired as the magician for DW's birthday party, Arthur is tempted to show the kids that Buster's tricks aren't so magical after all. Or, will Arthur step in and help his friend after all?Educational Objective: Arthur learns about how to handle jealousy and envy, and what it means to be a good friend in the midst of these emotions.
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