Francine's Big Top Trouble/George Blows His Top
FRANCINE'S BIG TOP TROUBLE:Francine is sure she will be a star at circus camp. Since Catherine did so well there - how hard could it be? Well, very, it turns out. Will Francine ever get the hang of tumbling? And, more importantly, will she ever step out of her sister's shadow? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE:Francine finds that the only way to overcome being compared to her sister is to be true to her own, unique self. GEORGE BLOWS HIS TOP: George is always more than happy to lend his pals whatever they need, especially Buster. But when Buster's borrowing gets out of control, will George risk their friendship to say enough is enough! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: George learns how to say "no" to his friends and discovers the importance of setting limits in a relationship.
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