Curious George
Housebound!/Curious George Rides a Bike
Housebound!: George learns the hard way about bones when he falls and breaks his leg at the museum exploring a dinosaur skeleton. A visit to the hospital, a cast on his leg, and a cane arenít enough to keep George down, especially when Hundley steps in to help. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To explore how vertebrates have internal skeletons made of bone. To understand that if a bone breaks, the bone produces new cells and blood vessels that rebuild the bone. Curious George Rides a Bike: George loves his new bike, especially because it gives him the chance to help Bill with his paper route. But he gets distracted by some ducks, makes some paper boats out of the newspapers and then, trying to fix his mistake, hits a big rock that bends his bicycle wheel out of shape. Can Mrs. Renkins find the right tools to help him fix his bike so he can find some dry papers, finish the paper route, and keep his promise to Bill? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To learn that using the correct tool to adjust and repair things is important.
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